Marry in Youth

Marriage is one of society purposes in life. Our prophet Muhammad SAW, said that marriage is one of his circumcision. It shows that marriage is so important. Marriage also can give  as new spirit, it’s so beautiful life if we marry with our love person.

To marry with someone we must have some prepares. The first is money and then the second is mature.

Mature is important thing in marriage because as well as we known, sometimes we have problem with our husband/wife to solve our problem. Thus, we should be mature. It’s no problem if we want to marry too young but the most importa  nt thing is we must be a mature.

I agree if there is so   meone who wants to marry in youth but he /she must be able to solve his/her problem well, he/she may not be egoist and also he/she must ready to face everything in life before marrying.

His/her psyche and his/her body must be ready.   In my opinion, the best age to marry, girl is twenty years old and boy is twenty five years old and I think in this age they have ready and have enough mature to marry.

About Luxman Dialektika

seorang yang masih belajar di Universitas Islam Negri malang fakultas hukum yang aktif di pergerakan dan nyantri di Pesantren NH MALANG, saya orang lampung yang nyasar ke malang, yang terpenting hiduplah sederhana,santun,jujur, gaya terserah kalian dah,, yang terpenting jangan berhenti belajar &a punya konsep masa depan. okee :) salam dialektika

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